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First: watch this video...

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 You Will Learn EXACTLY How to Become The Real Niche Expert Everyone Turns To.....

   You Will Also Learn EXACTLY Step by  Step How to Position Yourself as the Preferred 'Go-To' Expert in Your Niche in 30 Days!

Richard Mortimer & Trevor Dumbleton 10:07 AM

To: You IF you want to become the preferred go-to expert in your niche in the next 30 days

Do you ever feel like you aren't making it in information marketing because no one sees you as the expert that you are?

Or perhaps you AREN'T an expert...but want to become one.

And you know that until you are both an expert, and other people see you as an expert, they simply aren't going to take you seriously.

And if they don't take you seriously...they won't buy from you.

I mean, think about this...who do you buy from - the person who is just writing researched material online...or the person who is the bona fide expert in the niche you are learning about?

Well...why would you expect others to buy from you if you are NOT an expert...if you won't even buy except from an expert?

What should this tell you?

This tells you that if YOU want to succeed in information marketing, 2 things have to happen:

        1) You need to be an EXPERT in your niche area

and   2) Your buyers must PERCEIVE you as the expert in your niche.

This means that if you are NOT an expert, you don't have a chance. Might as well pick up your toys and go home. Or BECOME an expert.

And if you ARE an expert, but no one can tell that by your presence online...they still aren't going to buy from you.

So what to do about it?

First - before we share with you how to solve this problem, and not only become an expert in 30 days, but also prove to the world that you are an expert, let us share a little about our own journey online.

We get heavily 'involved' with all our clients. This means we have to give correct answers immediately. That's what it takes to have live clients who've paid to be there on a live call! There is no hiding.

This has meant simpy having to become real experts in Internet Marketing. However, its because of that, we soon realised that its one thing being a 'Real' Expert, its quite another being perceived as such.

That got us thinking.... how could we raise our profile? How could we be seen as the 'Experts' we really are?

The thing is (and this is really important) we weren't trying to trick is just that if you do certain things, knowingly or unknowingly - people will ASSUME you are an expert.

Now, we could have taught this course on how to just make people                                        
PERCEIVE you to be an expert.

But that would have been unethical. And, in the end, counter-productive. (You can't hide the truth from all the people all the time). Maybe, there are those who are NOT experts who could use our material and pose as experts. And that would be morally wrong. (You would not like to discover the person you trusted and invested time and money in, was not a real expert after all)!

So we decided to add to this a special to literally BECOME an expert in 30 days and know more about a topic in 30 days than 99% of your competition.

So let us ask you would that feel?

To BE the preferred go-to person in your niche in the next 30 days?

We know that sounds crazy, but you can do it.

If you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

But more importantly - just because you are an expert in 30 days (and maybe you are one right now and no one knows it) - if you are not PERCEIVED as being an expert then you simply aren't doing the business, getting paid for your expertise, or selling your products like an expert. In fact, if you aren't an expert, hardly anyone is buying from you, because they are buying from the experts instead, right, and leaving you outside in the rain.

What if you discovered that there is a very easy method - a very specific set of steps that you can easily do in 30 days or less that literally forces your prospects to not only recognize that you are the leading expert...  but that leads them to buy when you ask them to because of your trusted expert status?

That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?

Well, we are here to tell you now - that very specific set of steps for not just becoming an expert, but positioning yourself as an expert so people will buy from you exists. And it exists in such a way that when you get it literally force anyone who comes into contact with you online to see that not only are you the preferred expert in your niche...but that your credibility is huge..

You see, there are some very specific steps people take when they encounter you online....they look around to find out what others are saying about you, they look to see if you are really an expert...and if they don't find some very specific things in place, they automatically assume that you are NOT an expert...even if you are.

And...if those things are in place BEFORE you are an expert...they also BELIEVE you ARE an expert...and will buy from you as if you ARE an expert. And THAT is why the only morally ethical way we could share this information with you was if we also taught you how to become an expert at the same time. You can see that, right? We simply couldn't allow ourselves to teach people only the one part they could abuse and use to trick the world.

So why are we willing to share this with you?


First - the obvious - we believe that one of the reasons you are not succeeding online is because you don't know how to position yourself as an expert - and we'd like to see you succeed online.

The second - less obvious - we believe most people, even if they know what needs to be done - they can't imagine doing it in 30 days or less...and since we know how to do it - we want to share that with you.

And because of those two reasons, we have created a highly concise, targeted step by step training course to teach you EXACTLY what to do and how to do it to both become an expert in 30 days, and how to position yourself as an expert in 30 days.

Introducing: "Niche Expert Secrets Exposed"

Niche Expert Secrets Exposed

Add To Cart Niche Expert Secrets Exposed

NOW YOU can BEAT many other expert competitors in your niche to gain complete dominance over your niche and become the #1 preferred expert in your niche.

Perhaps you are can that be can I literally become the #1 go-to expert in my niche?

First of all...let us say is easier than you think. can literally catapult yourself to being in the same category as the top experts in your niche - using our step by step easy methods - in 30 days.

Third - you can also position yourself in such a way that although someone who knows you might know that your competitor has been an expert longer than you and perhaps has more information than you do - but they will want to work with YOU because YOU are positioned as being the right expert for them. Make sense? (If not, it's ok, we teach you exactly WHY this is the case in our training)

Are you ready to receive access to the system that will completely revolutionize the way you position yourself in your niche, and change your life?

If so, like we told you earlier...this material is concise, and very direct and to the point. We teach you exactly why you MUST be positioned as the expert in your niche to make the most sales, and we teach you exactly HOW to do it.

Step by step.

Exactly what to do and how to do it.

And because it is precise, we literally deliver the information to you in about 2 hours of content.

So if you are used to evaluating products you buy based on the number of hours they run, instead of based on the value of the content and how quickly you can implement it, then you will be disappointed.

Because there is no fluff in this package. It is just the facts. Exactly what to do and how to do it.

However, if you are looking for very precise instructions on how to become an expert in your niche, or how to position yourself as the expert that you are, this is EXACTLY what you need to begin positioning yourself as an expert in the next 30 days, and is very easy to assimilate and implement.

If so - we suggest you download a copy of our new system TODAY.

The reason for this is that because of the depth of the information we are teaching in this program - and because of the fact that we reveal how to position yourself as an expert - this material could be used to deceive others. And because of that we are asking you this...that if you purchase this program, that you will agree to ONLY use this for good, and ONLY use our techniques once you have genuinely BECOME an expert in your niche.

And if we find that people are consistently using our material to defraud the world and their niche - we may simply take this material off the market, and prevent others from learning it.

So...if you want to learn our secrets - secrets we have never revealed to anyone outside our coaching clients - we suggest you get this TODAY, and don't risk losing out, and having someone else in your niche apply this material before you and LOCK YOU OUT of the opportunity to position yourself as the #1 go-to person in your niche.

And truth be told, that could happen. And the only way to guarantee that doesn't happen is to be the first in your niche to get this knowledge and begin applying it to your niche.

Its just $97 for you, today. $97 to really change your life, and become the #1 'Go To' Expert in your niche.... This is where to begin building an online business, and we are giving youi this first, vital step, today.

Where else can you get this training? So, please don't delay, grab it now, while its still available at such an affordable price....

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So, We've Covered How You Will Learn EXACTLY How to Become The Real Niche Expert Everyone Turns To..... 


 EXACTLY How to Position Yourself as the Preferred 'Go-To' Expert in Your Niche in 30 Days

So, We Are Also Going To Show You EXACTLY Step-by-Step How To Capitalise On Your New Found (and known) Status, By Showing You How To Dominate Your Niche

Its one thing to be an expert. Its quite another to be preceived as the expert you really are (we sure you understand that). But, its something else again to actually KNOW how to make the most of that sought after status....

So, what we've done for you is make absolutely sure you 'know' what to do with our 'special' bonuses. Each is a product in its own right which could sell on a page, just like this one. But, we've put them together to make sure you can be an expert, be seen as an expert, and know how to make money from being an expert.


We want to teach you how to become the #1 expert in your niche (if you aren't already), and how to position yourself as the expert...

...AND know how to capitalise on that position and status.

In other words: you need to make the MOST of your new status!

That's why we've added this selection of bonuses (that takes the value of the complete package into the hundreds - if not thousands of dollars). Basically, you are getting 'Step-by-step' teaching, just like our coaching clients. 

Most importantly, we've included Richard's 'Niche Domination' training course.

That is a complete training series that show's the 'best' business model for dominating niches online, and all the steps to take:

7 complete modules that he first delivered live, and is worth $197.

Here's a complete list of the bonuses we've provided (and you can access from the members area):

1. Richard's 'Niche Domination' Training Course

2. Trevor's 'Niche Research' Report - for those who have not yet chosen a niche to operate in.

3. Sean Mize's 'Content Marketing Manifesto' Report - truth is the Internet is all about content. Internet Marketing is all about content! If you want to earn a living online, content will play an important part, obviously. In this incredible report (which Sean has kindly allowed us to offer as a bonus), he shows how to use content to drive traffic. Sean is a master at article marketing and totally dominated eZine Articles for many years. However, Google now penalise article directories. So, Sean figured out how to use content to drive traffic in 2014 - here it is!

4. Trevor's 'Content Creation For Non-Writers' Video Training Course - for those who hate the idea of writing and producing content that way.

Special Bonus:

Also, we've included a tremendous interview that Todd Gross did of Richard. You will be simply blown away by this training, just as Todd was. This sold as a WSO in its own right, but you get this as a superb and relevant bonus from us, today!

So, that is a complete video training course on how to become a 'real' expert in your niche, and how to be seen as such...


5 bonus courses to compliment and make sure you can dominate your niche!

That's what you want, isn't it?

The thing is: our clients get results with our products. We don't create 'fluff.' We never have and never will. Its simply not in our best interests, or our clients.

We could sell this complete course (Niche Expert Training and Niche Domination Training, to give a complete blue-print on how to conquer any niche) as the core training for our coaching program which sells for $149pm...

So, that ought to put it into perspective. At the end of the day, it isn't about the volume of content. Its about you getting results. That's why we've made it slam dunk easy for you buy giving a full, no questions asked money back guarantee.

So, if at any time in the next 30 days (from the second you buy) you will be able to get a full refund. That would give you time to study any module you wish and still get a full refund. Isn't that a risky tactic for us? Yeah, it sure is...! It makes us vulnerable to serial refunders (who buy a lot and always refund). But, we are not doing this to avoid serial refunders! Those guys never take action anyway, they are just wasting their own time!

No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

100% Guarantee

You have a whole 30 days to try out this life changing product and decide whether its worth what you paid. If, at any time during the next 30 days, you feel that you have not got the value you paid for, then simply request a refund, and we will happily give you your money back!

We only want happy customers. That's our way of guaranteeing that happens.

So, you have a whole 30 days from today to get your money back, if you are not completely satisfied.

...we DO want to make this 'brain dead' easy for you.

Also, we want as many people who really want to be niche experts, to be able to access this training (not just the incredible, never before released core training), but also the complete package of tips, tricks and trainings to take from earning very little (if anything) in your niche, to mastering it, dominating it, and cashing in, big time!

Is that enough?

It should be... it really should. We only know of one other place you can get this training (core 'Niche Expert in 30 Days' training). But, you don't get the complete complimentary 'How To Dominate' Your Niche & How To Capitalise On Your New Status.

Get it now before we change our minds. 

Look, our coaching clients want this training bad. Real bad....

So, maybe we'll make this program into a coaching program. We could easily charge $97pm for such a program, probably more. (We find that when we launch a coaching program at $97pm our revenue does not go down if we simply double it and make it $197pm. We get fewer clients and fewer hassles. People at that level are more commited and get better results. We are not frightened of high-ticket).

So, please don't say, "I'll think about it." What is there to think about?

You want to earn a (decent) living online.

That means you need a niche to work in and sell stuff.

That means you need to be able to offer people results if they work with you....

That means you need to: become the expert in your niche; be seen as the expert you are; and, know how to capitalise on your new status.

So, there's only one program in the world that will do all that for you (right here on this page)...

Grab our complete "Niche Expert Secrets Exposed" course right now, for $97
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All you have to do is click that 'Add To Cart' button, above.

Then: You can pay by PayPal or Credit Card.

Then: This life changing product is yours!

Maybe you are asking: "But, who are you?"

We are glad you asked.

Are names are Richard Mortimer and Trevor Dumbleton.

Richard Mortimer Trevor Dumbleton
Richard Mortimer  Trevor Dumbleton

We are both part-time (one reason we've teamed up) Internet marketers with a wealth of experience. We are kind of 'undercover,' (as we don't have 100s of IM friends to blast our promotions to all and sundry - although, watch out, as we are working on that)!

Last year was BIG year for both of us. Both of us are very experienced marketers who know our niche (in other words we are Internet Marketing experts). But, we realised we were not perceived as such (hence this training you are about to enjoy)!

We have a great relationship with our list, but outside that, we needed to make a bigger impact.

But, one way we have raised our profile is on the Warrior Forum. Trevor has released over 30 WSOs last year, alone! (You've got to know a trick or two to be able to do that)! He's had 'WSO of the Day,' and been interviewed several times by 'Mike from Maine.'

Here are some of the testimonials he received:

Originally Posted by mariell 
Hi Trevor,

I'm in AGAIN - why? Because you always come up with valuable advice!


Originally Posted by webstrategistpk 
My Review:

Keyword research has been a tedious task for me and I try to outsource it. After watching the short and to the point videos by Trevor, I feel myself more confident about keyword research. The videos reveal sites like CNN, Wikipedia, Ehow and Squidoo, Wikihow are booming with adverts and Trevor reveals his strategy to use these sites for effective keyword research and make money not only from adsense but also from affiliate products. The sky is the limit. I am happy to be a buyer of this amazing course and now can find some gems easily. It is a good course on keyword research and all internet marketers should take advantage of the strategy by learning it from Trevor.

Richard launched a coaching program which sold out! 

Here are some of the testimonials he received:

Testimonial from Tom Hering

And, some more...


Originally Posted by lincher 
What can I say... I am changing and I will create my online business this year. I am 17 years old but enough is enough... now is the best time.

And as for ........ the coaching - believe me, he knows his stuff... he's been in Internet Marketing for years and is earning a full time and huge income from it. I've been following him for a while and he is one of the best people I know.

Well, I've just joined this program.

Good luck to everyone who don't want to give up.
Originally Posted by Tenzho 
I'm glad I stumbled upon this WSO thread today!
I have been chasing the "MAGIC BUTTON" for 2 years now and I've decided to stop this and start making real consistent money online! Richard .... is giving me the opportunity that I can never pass up on!

I'm IN!
Originally Posted by tz6119 
Was going to wait wait till I got back from work to get this. The offer seems to good to pass up. I've been all over the place far to long now. Will purchase now before heading off to work.
Originally Posted by Daprela 
Hi Richard,
thank you for sending the email about this coaching program to your mailing list, while I was reading you sales letter I didn't believe to my eyes!
We've already talked by email just a few days ago and you know I'm struggling with my ecommerce websites.

Your coaching program is just what I need to go to the next level, thank you for this offer, you're going to change my life and $5000 is a small price to pay for this.
Originally Posted by trevord92 
Just a quick testimonial on this program so far.

I know it's early days (less than a week in) but I've applied just one idea from the introductory audios to a new WSO I created since starting this course.

And that's more than doubled the income I've seen from the WSO.

Which means I'm in profit on the whole course fee already. Not enough sales to pay Richard his $5,000 "success fee" yet but it's early days 

If you're sitting on the fence, stop it!

The first live coaching call is tonight (I won't be on it as I'm going out to a friend's birthday curry but I will be listening to the replay) so you can still get in on the ground floor.

And if you take action, you can easily get your whole tuition fee paid in a week or two 

Richard's support is excellent, so this will work even if you're a complete newbie to all this "make money online" thing.
Originally Posted by JimMacDonald 
I'd bore you to death while my violin gently weeps, if telling you my internet marketing pains of 2012.

Or you'll be a bobbling your head up and down as I spoke, seeing your own painful experiences in this internet marketing game of making money online frustrations.

Then at end we'd both get whipping open our window and jabbing our head out screaming; “Where's the %$#@ money?” *“I'm broke and not going to take it no more.”

Then silence.

We look at each other. *Nothing has changed. *We don't want to quit. *But sure don't want to be screwed over again and again either. 

With my last dollars in my Paypal account I found myself searching for a solution to my empty pockets – to start filling them up. *Hocus-pocus Mr. Rip of guru magic wasn't wanted. *Just real answers, direction plus good solid advice.

Richard's offer burst into my heart, even though his salesletter bugged the crap out of me and I didn't have clue who he was. *However I did recall my recent experience ........*

Making fireworks going off in my head. *Man, I could mine a ton of *knowledge out of ...... head, as I did from an interesting product of his recently. *This would be big time brain harvest and still be even frugal to the money I thought.

Sure the price naturally fit my budget, so without any more thinking I made one of the biggest gambles of my life I clicked and purchased. As a flush raced through my body - *a royal winner feeling.

Well it's early yet as I am only about to start week 3 or twenty one bucks worth and loving it. *It's heavy duty teaching and sure is filling in many holes “how to do it”. *Sometimes I'm seeing how close I've been to the dollars flowing in, if I've only had know or been told.

Now I'm quickly expanding my thinking, making it happen. *I'm finding myself back on track. Like building a beautiful silky smooth spiders web without the gaping big money holes I've had before.

Have chatted with Richard, getting to know who he is. *And have no problem asking questions and getting direction back and not being trashed for asking.

Now going into 2013, forgetting about blindly spinning in every direction but now with focus, direction and a good coach. *A person I can ask a question and get a real honest reply, moving me up, up up. *As I work, work, work knowing it's getting me in the right direction.

Now it's up to you. *Get rolling up your sleeves, getting your brain zapping with knowledge doing what you love doing – right. *

Here, let me help you click the button, making it easy taking your own big Internet Marketing step in to 2013.*

Have fun - happy New Year.
Originally Posted by TMJsall 
Sent you a PM...BIG THUMBS UP for customer service!!!!

Richard answered every email enquiry and every live question on the Q & A calls. (Again, you have to know your stuff to be able to do that)!

So, let's recap:

You are going to be taught how to become a niche expert in 30 days.

You are going to be taught how to position yourself as an expert.

You are going to be taught how to maximise your income from being an expert and perceived as one.

You are going to be taught by (not one, but) two guys who are in the trenches, know how to get 'expert' status and who have reputations they want to keep in tact.

You are going to get the 'core training' in a set of 9 videos (that you can download).

You are going to get a full suite of training courses, teaching you how to dominate any niche.

You are going to get all this for $97

Add To Cart Niche Expert Secrets Exposed

So, please don't delay with this. Money does not wait. People in your chosen niche will not wait. You have to take action and get to that needed status as soon as possible.

So, click that button above and secure your copy of 'Niche Expert Secrets Exposed' and the bonuses listed.

Just think, 30 days from now, things could be so different! All you have to do is focus on this for 30 days, and that's all....!

Richard & Trevor

PS: You will be paying us for a complete training program on exactly how to become the 'expert' in your niche. You will also learn how to be perceived as an expert, and how to capitalise on that new earned status!

PPS: This also applies to the big, popular niches such as health & fitness, and, even Internet marketing! To start with, you might have to drill down a bit, and narrow your niche in to a laser targeted 'sub-niche,' but you will do it if it means getting your clients results, wouldn't you? Since, when they get results you can cash in, big time!
Niche Expert Secrets Exposed